Monday, June 6, 2011



You have entered the world of Urban Fantasy author Gabriel Madison.

Gabriel Madison started writing when he was in high school, mostly short stories and poetry, and then developed a passion for screenplays. He attended a private art University in Atlanta Georgia for Media Production. There he studied script writing and film making. He wrote a few screenplays, and made a few short movies, including a twelve-minute vampire movie, he adapted from a short story, called Midnight Diner. After leaving school, his passion shifted mainly towards writing stories, than shooting and directing them. He writes short stories, novellas, screenplays, graphic novels and full-length novels. He was once asked to define himself: he answered... ‘storyteller’.

Gabriel Madison now lives back home in Albany Georgia.


As for writers that I’m into: Of course I have to start off with Anne Rice. No matter what anyone says about her writing ability, she changed the world of vampires to me. Next on my list would have to be Karen Chance right now, anyone that doesn’t know about her need to check out her stuff. Everything she writes is entertaining from start to finish. Just like Stephenie Meyer and Richelle Mead. I have a lot of authors I like, but the last one I will mention is Nancy Holder. She wrote a book called Heat. I loved the way she made you feel how hot everyone was in the book. A blogger named Heater Hogan is like one of the best storytellers ever.

As for TV shows: Like I said, I’m into anything with vamps, so number one on my list is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Next is almost everything else that has been on TV. I’ve watched everything from Roswell to The West Wing and from the Cosby Show to One Three Hill. I just got into Chuck. Used to love Heroes (used to.) Loved The 4400, Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, Skins (series 3 and 4), Dexter, Weeds, Growing Pains, and on and on. Oh yeah, right now my number one show is Lost Girl.

Movies: I like all types of movies. I mean I went to school to learn how to make them, so I watch comedies and dramas and basically everything. Its a very long list. Okay, my favorite movie keeps changing depending on my mood. Sometimes its Star Wars, then it goes to Interview With The Vampire, to a movie called Brick, and anything with Bruce Lee and a movie called Veronika Decides to Die.

Music: Too large a list to make. But lets say my taste go from the Beatles to 2pac and Tori Amos and Radiohead and Stone Temple Pilot and Maxwell and Disturbed and on and on.